Strategic documents from Lund University

Platform for strategic work 2023-2024

There is to be proactive work to ensure that open science supports researchers’ possibilities for innovative research and that a high level of trust in research is maintained. Structure and responsibility are to be clarified. The opening up of research data is to be simple and insight into the research processes is to be clarified through external engagement and communication. (p. 6)

Research strategy for Lund University 2023-2026

Lund University will work proactively nationally and at the European level to develop open science in a way that promotes research and society’s utilisation of research.

In the next few years, Lund University, following the principle of as open as possible and as closed as necessary, will help researchers to make publications, research data and source code openly accessible. Furthermore, the public and more stakeholders need to be involved in research.

An area of top priority in the coming years is finding easy ways to make the handling of research data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). To store and share research data efficiently and securely is particularly important at a time when Big Data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly changing both research and society. The aim is for all research data for which there are no legal or ethical impediments to be made accessible in accordance with the FAIR principles. Data produced by our researchers is to be simple to access and easy to use for other researchers, companies, organisations and the public. In order to achieve this, Lund University needs to take an overall approach that covers digital infrastructure including hardware, guidelines and support adapted for researchers .(p. 5-6)

Open access policy for publications and artistic works

National and international recommendations and guidelines

SUHF National Roadmap for Open Science

SUHF Guide for implementation of the National Roadmap for Open Science

LERU Open Science and its role in universities: a roadmap for cultural change